Log into your D&D Beyond Account.
Move your mouse over the 'Characters' tab at the top of the window and select 'My Characters'.
Find the character you want to convert and click 'View'.
Take a look at the Address bar, it should look something like:

Find the Character ID. In the above example it's 8675309.
Paste this ID in the 'Character ID' text box and click 'Get Character Data'.
It will take a short while in order for the data to populate.
Click the 'Download XML' button to save the character to your computer.
Character ID:    


Have a suggestion? Found a problems? Please use CONTACT in the left side menu.
The character you've selected is a multiclass character. Multiclass characters are currently barely supported. After importing, you'll very likely need to adjust many things such as Armor Class, HP, and other assorted things.

   Fixed issue if character ID had spaces in start or end.

   Fixed issue where some class features were missing.

   Added code for Superior Darkvision.
   Fixed unarmored defense for various classes/races
   Fixed some inventory issues and some class features
   Fixed Ranger/Bard spells not showing up
   Fixed Arcane Trickster and Eldritch Knight spells not showing up

   Coded Barbarian Path of the Totem, Primal Paths.

   Coded Barbarian Path of the Totem, Aspect of the Beast.

   Coded Barbarian Fast Movement (5th level).


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I have no financial affiliations with FGC (Fantasy Grounds College).
This project would never have started were it not for them.
They do great work.