I’ve played 3 sessions of Pathfinder Society over the ¬†past couple years. There was something missing, I didn’t get the enjoyment I remember playing 2nd edition D&D back in the early to late 80’s.

I have an addiction of picking up most new systems that come out, and never get around to playing them except maybe once.

Dungeon World, backed the hard-cover edition Kickstarter. Played one session with the games creator, Sage LaTorra. I had fun, but still missed the awe I remember having when I was younger.

I’ve backed 3 or 4 other systems as well, Torchbearer, read a few pages, and my eyes started to glaze over.

Various incarnations of Savage Worlds, and I was in a weekly group at my FLGS, and had a wonderful time, and kept going back as time permitted. It was as close as I got to enjoying RPG’s the way I used to.

Now 5th edition of D&D comes out, and of course I buy the players handbook and create a couple characters.

As luck would have it, Pacificon was coming up, and they had Adventurer’s League play.


WOW, it was awesome. The awe that I remember as a young teen is back. In the span of two weeks I’ve already played more Adventurer League play than I did PFS over 3 yrs.

WotC, I think you’ve hit the sweet spot with this one.