Starting a new WordPress site. Are you wondering what ‘Musdeas’ is? It’s made up of course, not even a Google search turned up anything useful.

So, what is it? Easy, I didn’t know whether to name it Musings of AI6K of Ideas of AI6K, so I combined them, and came up with Musdeas. (I did find it amusing that if you rearrange the letters, you can come up with assumed or Medusas).

Yea, I agree with you, I was never known for being eloquent or having the gift of gab.

What I do have in an innate ability to troubleshoot problems in a wide variety of disciplines.

I look forward to updating this site with various things such as Arduino, Microcontrollers, Amateur Radio, Programming, Gaming and anything else that may pop its way into my life of Family and hobbies.

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