In the past we’ve never had good luck keeping a pressure cooking.

Received one a few years back from QVC, box looked like it had been run over by rampaging elephants. (it was a mess).
(Sent back to QVC)

Next one from Linens & Things worked once, then no blinkies, took it back.

Tried another from QVC, worked twice, then again no blinky-blinky.
(Returned and was charged by QVC for shipping, what’s up with that?)

Well, we tried once again, with a 6L Cooks Essentials from QVC.

We had bought the Bob Warden Slow Food Fast when we bought the first pressure cooker, and just never got around to returning it. Sat on the bookshelf for a few years.

We are so glad to have given pressure cookers another chance.

The recipes we’ve tried from Bob’s book have been amazing.

In the three weeks we’ve owned the cooker, I’ll bet we’ve tried 15 different recipes.

If you’ve never tried a current generation electric pressure cooker, give them a chance. You won’t be disappointed.