My name is David Berkompas. I’m an FCC licensed amateur radio operator, with callsign AI6K. I got my license in 1992, and was assigned callsign N8RRV. I held that callsign for about 18 years, and decided to get a 6 call, since I live in California.

I’ve had many different jobs, and have enjoyed each of them in a different way. I usually last about three years, when the monotony, boredom and stagnation start to set in.

I was an ET2/SS (Electronics Technician 2nd class, Subsurface Qualified) on the USS Kamehameha during the Cold War and Gulf War. I was also stationed on the USS Kamehameha when it was converted into a SEAL platform, and finished my time in the US Navy on the ‘Kam’ (SSBN 642 Blue/SSN 642). I received an Honorable Discharge in 1995, after serving for six years.

I currently (2013) work for GAP Inc. Direct. The on-line division of GAP, you know, the company that runs GAP, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Athleta and Piperlime. I was hired in October of 2011, after working there as a contractor for almost 6 months. So far it has been probably the best company that I’ve ever worked for. I love my job, I get along with my co-workers, and the benefits are first-class. In addition, my wife loves the clothing discount.

I’ll add more later, I think that’s a good start.


Dave – AI6K